For some people 2016 must have been an amazing year while for some people it must have been a hard one. Good or bad, it’s never too late to change your life! Life is a roller coaster with ups & downs. What ever happened last year is now gone. Today being the 1st page of a 365 paged book, its time to write a new one.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

Its never too late to change your life & become what you want to be. If you don’t take a step today, you might regret it tomorrow. What is coming is better than what is gone. It’s time to sit alone for a while & decide what you want for yourself. It’s time to evaluate yourself & your life. It’s time to come up with realistic things you want to achieve or do this year & start working over those things from today. It’s never too late to change yourself & your life.

Make a box storage or jar, write things you want to achieve in 2017 & put them in that jar. Place the jar on a place that is visible & you can see everyday, so that it keeps on reminding you of your goals. In fact, you can also write little changes you want in yourself or in your life.

If you can not think so something big, start with small resolutions like;

  • Save Money
  • Take A Trip
  • Get Fit
  • Help Others
  • Do Something That Makes You Happy
  • Make Your Parents Proud
  • Eat Healthy
  • Make New Friends
  • Quit Smoking (For Smokers)
  • Love
  • More Family Time
  • Be Happy!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

All you need to remember is,its never too late to late to change. What is coming is better than what is gone!





            We have all have those days… The bad days! We all have crap going through our lives. It’s okay. It’s life! You are not the one & only facing it alone. Let’s keep ourselves going & let’s face it.

            When bad days come, you feel like there is never going to be a tomorrow. Depression takes over so much of who you are & what you want to say & do. Let’s not let this depression take over us. Let’s fight it. So here are some tips & tricks to get over a bad day:

  1. Figure out what it is that is actually bothering you.
    For some people it may be like this specific thing happened & it completely ruined my mood. Now I don’t want to talk to anyone or do anything. For other people there may be a fight with somebody or maybe a small issue that went down, that you are exploding in your mind. And in reality there is nothing deeper & bigger that is actually going on that is affecting your mood.
    This may be a little bit confusing. Sometimes when I have an issue going on & I have not talked about it to anybody. Someone does a little thing & I end up bursting all my anger over that person & then I get even more upset, ending up being in an even more horrible mood, not even knowing what the cause is.
    So the first thing you need to do is realizing what the real issue is. Do not take it out on the other people because some other people are the reason to it.
  2. Once you realize what the issue is, you should write it down or talk about it to someone you trust, a person who is not biased, will listen to you & will not judge you.
    Some people may not have that person in their lives. If you do not have someone like that, do not worry, it’s okay! Most people do not have such a person & one day life will give you a person you can open up to. In such a case, I recommend sitting down & writing it out in a diary, writing whatever you are feeling, just to get it out!
    If you keep it all bottled up inside, you will end up being crazy. We have all had bad days before & you need to let it out somehow, either you are speaking about it to someone, whether you are writing it down exactly how you feel with no hesitations because letting it out will help immensely.
  3. Once you let it out or you have talked about it, you need to “Let It Go!”
    I understand in certain scenarios & areas, some things cannot be let go. You need to talk about it. Whether it is a fight or an issue that needs to be resolved. One thing that we all need to realize is that some of us get so lost in our own problems that we forget about everything else.
    We are living on planet floating in a huge space & you are a little tiny spec of a person. This might not be the nicest way to put it all together, but guess what? We are all living on this huge earth. Our tiny little problems are nothing, no matter what we do, no matter what we think about, it is not going to change the sun coming up in the morning or the moon coming out at night & the earth from keep spinning.
    One thing that people do not realize that the stress & anxiety can consume you. Over time it can completely change you as a person. If you are not letting the stuff out & if you are not talking about it to somebody or if you are not asking someone for help, if you are not writing it down & just letting it go. You are then going to hold on to all of these issues & all of the pain & it is going to keep building up inside of you.

Let’s take an example; Think about your oldest favourite song. That one song can remind you of someone or something, the moment of time when you first heard it. No matter how much time passes, you know all the lyrics & all the words & if it randomly comes on 5 years later. Will that not take you to that moment, that thing or to that person?
If you do, then this is just an example of how all of your emotions are deep down inside of you & if you are not letting everything go, it just builds up inside you. So all the hatred, all the anger, all the anxiety, all the depression, everything is being stuffed inside of you, waiting to burst out.

            One little switch of your crazy little mind telling you “OMG! This happened. Now the world is over. I am miserable. I am so depressed etc.” Guess what… That is never ever going to stop anything.

            By letting it go you need to realize that you do not need to hold on to this anger. There is no reason for you to keep it inside of you. And you will realize at some point that nothing that you are holding on to is worth it.


            The key to living a happy & peaceful life is never going to happen by changing things on the outside. It is all about working on the inside & then everything will kind of come together. I know some people are still very narrow minded with the fact that they think each & everything, I mean every car, every luxury, every this, every that & then everything in life is going to be so perfect & better. Let me be the person to tell you that, yes I have a lot of crap, way too much stuff, way too many luxuries but this does not solve any…any…any inner problem that I have ever had. I still have bad days! It is not the material things that is going to make you happy, it is not anything that you are going to change on the outside & that will make you feel better. Just think of how many times you have said “Oh, if I would just get a big house or a bigger car & everything will be better on the inside.” But guess what? It won’t be better. It is not the outside world that is going to help you, only you working on yourself.

            Next thing you need to do is, distract yourself from everything that is going on. Let’s say, what I do is, I listen to music, I write or I just pray for hours & that is my therapy. Just letting everything go. Getting consumed with the music, writing or prayers & this is something that helps me to get through a bad day.

            Also you can eat some chocolates, ice-cream & something sweet. If available, you should eat dark chocolate. It helps a lot. Chocolates & sweet things help improve the mood. This is something I have personally observed. Sweets increase the production of certain chemicals in the brain that brings on the feelings of pleasure & act as anti-depressant.

            When you are going through something & you are having a really hard time. You can make yourself feel better is by helping other people get through their problems. Helping others will make you feel better & have inner peace.

            Other ways you can distract yourself is by having some quiet time, reading a book, taking a warm bath, taking a nap, driving yourself somewhere, getting some quite time for you & yourself to let go all of your problems & do not think about it & it will help calm you down. Whatsoever helps you distract yourself better, do that! In short, take out some time for yourself, pamper yourself. Do something that you would not normally do on an everyday basis & take a little extra time. After all we are fragile, we are human beings, we have feelings, we have emotions & we have so many things that are going on every single day. There are so many horrible things that happen to us & those things can literally take over us. The goal is to be happy & peaceful, to have peace of mind. It’s all about being okay & contended with who you are. We need to understand that everyone has bad days. Life is a roller coaster, there are ups & downs. Some days are better than the others.

 “Just because today is a terrible day doesn’t mean tomorrow might not be the best day of your entire life. You just have to wake up & get there.”

We all have crap going on in our life, every single human being faces something on a day to day basis & you need to realize you are not alone. Everybody is in this together, whether you realize it or not. Just know that it will get better, whatever you are going through. You do not realize how much power you have all within yourself. It is just all about how you as a person get through all of the crap happening in your life.

We all want to be happy, we all want to live a peaceful life & all you need to do is to work on your inner self.

“You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life!”



A *Man With Purpose Never Blames Destiny!

                Life has little to offer to those who have little to offer to life.  Too often one claims about what has life given to him rather then asking himself what has he given to life. Majorly, it is a shared belief that “Life is an echo.” Originally, what one can understand by this  is, life sends back to you what you send forward. Usually, all have seen man blaming destiny for things he faces in his life not realizing that it was he himself; asking for things he has received now. This gives one a clear idea of how the universe and man both are designed for each other in a fashion that makes them interdependent. Therefore, all man on earth are born with a prescribed purpose – a role, which is selected by nature for them based on their interdependence upon each other to satisfy needs & those who could not discover it, often remain slaves of circumstances calling it an undefined destiny but self discovery of ones own strengths & weaknesses can clarify man to choose a relatively appropriate goal in life & payback to nature accordingly.

            The interdependence of nature & man over one another is inseparable by the theory of life cycle, consequently man owes a role towards nature so does nature towards man. As Man is the last consumer of everything produced in the world so he depends upon nature to fulfill his needs of food, shelter & clothing. Similarly, man is responsible to return the benefits in the similar sense to the world in order to maintain harmony of resources found naturally, otherwise the world suffers disasters like global warming, extinction of species etc.  For example, plants grow fruits & vegetables not knowing who it benefits but if man does not sow back the seeds of plants he has consumed the species become extinct. Recently, a number of bee’s species are listed as extinct which poses serious threats to pollination. Research shows that bees are the quickest flies that cause pollination multiple times faster than normal flies. There could be several reasons for bee extinction; for example, scientists these days capture bees to produce honey artificially & also slaughter them for medication purposes. If bees become extinct & could not reproduce, the several types of honey with different tastes will also become extinct. Hence, to preserve bees man must look after them for their reproduction or else he will loose a lot of honey & other plants that grow by pollination otherwise man will have to cry for an undefined destiny.

            Generally, one knows necessity is the soul reason of any invention both by nature & man. Hence, nature produces while man discovers & invents things either to solve a problem or to make life convenient. Fire; the first ever discovery of man lead to a dramatic change in the human life. It made mans life convenient. The second best ever invention by man was a tyre by which life has become faster & better. This discovery shortened the distances and saved time. Prior to these discoveries & inventions of man nature used to run slow & steady but since when man has discovered & invented things the life is moving at a faster pace. This sometimes leads one to an understanding that nature is directly proportional to the responsiveness of man & the responsive attitude of man depends on how bad he needs something. As one scientist says, “Necessity is the mother of invention” which means, as motivated a man is towards his needs, the sooner he invents something to satisfy it which leads to the changing of both world & him. Hence, people who do something about what they need they are never left upon undefined destiny.

            It is said, “You do not choose purpose, purpose chooses you.” As described above, mostly man chooses his purpose by deeply looking into his needs & wants & chooses the best possible way to achieve it. But too often one is distracted enough to decide what he must do with life or to answer what is his purpose of life, also what he really needs. A study claims, “Man with a clear purpose is never distracted while a man without purpose can be easily distracted.” The study proposes when a man knows what he is really doing & what he is after no matter whatever hurdles & threats he may face in his life; he will never be distracted, specially if he knows that he is being tested towards achieving his goals. For example, Thomas Edison knew what he was doing & he was certain about the end result. After lightning his bulb he said, “I did not fail 1000 times, I discovered 1000 ways that may lead to failure.” Thomas Edison discovered the appropriate way after trying 1000 ways to achieve the desired goal. Therefore a man who has settled his goal & his purpose of life is not left onto the unseen destiny of life, he certainly can achieve what he wills to achieve & whatever may come before him, he must accepts it & overcome it himself by devising certain strategies that may help him outgrow the challenges.

Rumi rightly says, “Live life as if everything is rigid in your favor.”

Man must view everything that comes before him as a favor to get closer to his destiny. When one understands the true essence of offering himself to whatever is beyond him i.e. in this moment he outgrows the tomorrow.

            Succeeding forward, discovery of ones own self gives man a clear understanding of his strength & weaknesses therefore a man can easily set his goal & can act accordingly. As  life is the most uncertain ride where the only certainties are drivers, passengers & the vehicle, where man are the drivers & passengers while purpose is the vehicle. The road & destination still remain a mystery to some because too often one chooses something & reaches somewhere else. For example, if a man who is a master in painting chooses to play cricket while a man who has skills of playing cricket chooses to paint their life will be upside down.  This happens because either one has not yet discovered his true gift given by nature – his strengths – or he is yet too confused to focus on anyone. An idiom says ,” A jack of all is master of none” so if man desires to be unbeatable master he must self-discover his strengths & must polish them daily, because master of self is slave to none. He who has discovered & mastered himself will not be slave to anyone & anything even if it is unseen destiny. Knowing your strengths & weaknesses gives one an opportunity to understand himself better & act accordingly.

            In a nutshell, man is born with his prescribed destiny as the purpose of living which is selected by nature. He plays a role & is interdependent & inter-related to others. Man can only be beneficial to the nature if he pays back to nature what he consumes for this he requires a deep understanding of himself by discovering his plus points & using them to set his goal. At least three times a day ask yourself what is most important & build the courage to create your life around your answer. In this way man will never have to blame his destiny.

* let man be human.