She was walking on a pedestrian path. She called out for me. I was buying ice cream for her. She screamed & I at once returned to her. I saw her on the ground. She has fell on the ground & got her elbow hurt. She was dusting herself up & had tears in her eyes. I told her, “It’s okay Sweetheart, you’re my Queen, Queens don’t get hurt, they’re strong.”

She gazed towards me with enrage in her eyes & said, “Don’t you call me Queen next time!” I was puzzled & dazzled by her reaction. Girls at her age normally love such titles. She dusted herself & stood up refusing to take my hand. I had a crippling in my heart & was confused on her response to my help. I interjected, “Sweetheart, have I offended you? Are you off because you fell & I wasn’t there to reach out to you?”. She took my hand, kissed it & said, “Never, I can never be offended by such a silly thing, I’m offended because you called me Queen.” First, I sighed & then I laughed. I asked, “Why? Is being called Queen a matter of shame? Or is there something wrong with the word? Normally girls love to be called Queen, especially at your age.” She started walking on the pedestrian path, with her ice cream in her mouth & replied with a spark in her eyes, “Do you know what is the real function of Queen?” I paused & stopped walking, I knew what she was saying, I knew what she meant. She narrowed her eyes & insisted upon her question, this time stressing the words the real function of Queens. I replied, “Yes, I know, I have also watched Queen Bee movie, I know their real function is just to lay eggs.” Something pinched me in the heart, a girl so young of age 15 has revealed a secret upon me, FUNCTION OF QUEEN! WOMEN! QUEEN!

“So, now you won’t call me Queen next time, okay?”, she said & I agreed. Since that day I never called her Queen, but that question left me in a dilemma, so many days, so many years, since eras, women are calling themselves Queens without knowing the real function of Queen. Queens are to lay eggs, just lay eggs?? Just to marry & prepare a generation? Really?. She left me in a great tyranny. I couldn’t stand the exclamatory meaning of Queen, I didn’t know why she hated it, Queens are treated like a lady of code. They are treated highly, queen bees, they are treated like a majesty, is it a matter of shame? No! How can such a wonderful act become a matter of shame? Then what makes a Queen? Is it just to lay eggs? No! It is to take responsibility of an entire nation & delivering it with ultimate sense as a Queen Bee does. To be Queen is a responsibility by nature no one can escape. I thought, “To hate the word at her age was okay, I didn’t mind it. She must have given the similar response as she did, she must concentrate on becoming the Woman of Value.” I was still thinking when my phone rang, it was her on call, I received the phone, it was so much noise on the other side, she shouted in excitement, “You know, you know… I got scholarship, I’m so happy, I’m coming home to you, you’re my Queen, I’m just coming, I’m on my way.” And she hung up. My heart went warm & tears rolled over my cheeks, she just called me Queen, she knew what she meant, I’m successful to raise her, she knew what a Queen means & whom it suits. I was happy & relieved she knows the importance of things. I was very happy.



“The old that is strong does not wither!”

            Discoveries of science have always lead to the revolutionary acts in society. The shaking of status quo in the on going system have always been possible by the constructively building the future. This has always required to wither that is old. So far the discoveries of science have made the mark on time. Genetics was one such discovery of science that has transformed science to a better learning of world.

            It is awareness of the unknown that leads to the revolution & transforms the world into something new. The Father of Genetics Gregor Johann Mendel is one such story of success. Mendel, born on 20th July 1822 in Germany, was a gardener in childhood at home, used to bee-keeping. His work on genetics was published in 1866 which was not recognized by people. He had a long well researched journey to the work he published, which was not well understood by the people of that time. Einstein rightly says, “Any fool can know the point is to understand.”

            Mendel, initially remained in the influence of physics teacher as well as philosophy under the department of Natural History & also had joined as an attended Gymnasium, a school that prepared for further studies in Germany. His life has been a cobweb of inconsistency but as the time predicts, the only certainty is uncertainty. He ended up becoming a physics teacher. It appears that because of his childhood experience with bee-keeping & his deep understanding with physics he was capable to decipher the secret of gene. It has always been uncertainty that had guided men to come to an understanding of the predictability. As Steve Jobs said that, “Only after you’re there, can you then connect the dots. You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.

            Mendel died of the grief of  unrequited work in his lifetime on 6th January 1844. He tried to persuade people with his work piece which got declined in his very own lifetime. After three decades of his death  Erich Von Le Mark, Hugo De Vries, Carl Correns & William Jasper Spillman revised his work which is now a complete separate field of study as Genetics. Initially, the field genetics got the eye of researchers when they were trying to explain the heritance property. With in deep study when they turned the pages of yesterday & digged deeper they found the seed of Mendel’s work. The seed was then buried so underneath in order to understand the complete study work they testified is work personally. The results yielded to be in the favor of Mendel & he was then regarded as The Father of Genetics.

            Gandhi’s words echoed like a triumph, “Never apologies for being correct for being ahead of your time if you’re right & you know it speak your mind.”


 “Chances favor only the prepared minds” said  Louis Pastuer

            Back in 2015, SZABIST organised a first ever professionally successful career fair in Hyderabad. A two days event , held on 25th & 26th of April at BBQ Tonight & Pearl Banquet, respectively. The first day covered several informative sessions by professionals from different multinational organizations & well known speakers. The second day was the actual career fair which had been organized to conduct on spot interviews. Resultantly, the potential candidates got internship & job calls from different companies. The organizing team of students & the employers made it a successful event by their hard work & dedication. It was a successful & memorable career fair In Hyderabad just as the name reflects.

            This November, SZABIST is again providing a platform for job seekers & final year students where they can reshape their future; SZABIST Career Fair 2016. Fasten yourselves, as this time more prospective multinationals such as Coca-Cola & traditionally leading companies like Trade Key , Haleeb Foods are going to sort the talent of Hyderabad. Orix Leasing Pakistan Limited, a Japan based leasing company completing its 25 years of success is joining hands with team Career Fair. Zong – A promising network of Pakistan & a face of tomorrow is looking for the real talent to take the company to the next level. PTCL – A local, long distance, private sector, based in Pakistan, a partner with IBM that provides cloud services across Pakistan. Soneri Bank, one of the fastest midsize growing bank in Pakistan,  Meezan Bank – Pakistan’s 1st ever successful Islamic Bank carrying crystal clear financial activities, Pak-Qatar Takaful a renowned Shariah based insurance company, JS Global – a faster trading & leading investment bank in the Middle East, Bank Al-Habib on completion of silver jubilee in 2016 is offering positions for graduate trainee officers. Arino – A project of Fateh Group which is a total men shoe company with its largest delivery in Pakistan. Unique – D.S Motors, the 4th highest selling motorcycle company in Pakistan. Software companies working globally are joining hands which includes, CodeX – a silicon valley based software house which trains & targets the youth for excellent command on technology having programming skills. Smartwares – A Geneva based company, which has a turnover for more than 10 millions, promises to solve problems of ICT via consultant & engineering expertise by developing softwares for various businesses is now seeking talent from Hyderabad to work on a larger scale. Base Camp Data Solutions is an ongoing & growing smart system-design developer company of Pakistan. Last but not the least Verge Systems, based on SaaS, software as a Service has offices in UAE, US, Canada, Australia & Pakistan is a software development & web designing company that has an edge on all system development activities. Hence, is looking for the youth of Hyderabad. TCS Express & Logistics, a company that  delivers to 225 countries globally, Oxford University Press – a department of Oxford University which excels in research & academic publishments worldwide is looking forward to see if Hyderabad has got the similar talent to be praised. NGOs such as Research & Development Foundation of Pakistan (RDF) is a project to overcome poverty & increase economic activity in rural areas by bringing awareness. Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) – A project to revitalize & re-establish the quality of education in Sindh are seeking empowerment from Hyderabad. DevCon – An association for rural development & a platform founded by young professionals in 1997 which is now a sectorial organization in Sindh.

A total of 22 companies are adjoining on one platform to recruit talent & reshape the tomorrow.

            Hence, SZABIST Career Fair team with a habit of ‘do more & deliver better’, invites candidates from all over Hyderabad to come & ‘discover themselves’. Join hands with the companies, get interviewed & become the future of tomorrow. The event will be held on 26th of November 2016 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at Pearl Banquet. The entry passes cost is Rs.250/= & are available with all the organizing team members of this event which is class BBA-8, Event Management students of SZABIST Hyderabad. Professional dressing will be highly appreciated. Explore employment options, connect with prospective employers & achieve your career goals with “SZABIST Career Fair 2016.”





A *Man With Purpose Never Blames Destiny!

                Life has little to offer to those who have little to offer to life.  Too often one claims about what has life given to him rather then asking himself what has he given to life. Majorly, it is a shared belief that “Life is an echo.” Originally, what one can understand by this  is, life sends back to you what you send forward. Usually, all have seen man blaming destiny for things he faces in his life not realizing that it was he himself; asking for things he has received now. This gives one a clear idea of how the universe and man both are designed for each other in a fashion that makes them interdependent. Therefore, all man on earth are born with a prescribed purpose – a role, which is selected by nature for them based on their interdependence upon each other to satisfy needs & those who could not discover it, often remain slaves of circumstances calling it an undefined destiny but self discovery of ones own strengths & weaknesses can clarify man to choose a relatively appropriate goal in life & payback to nature accordingly.

            The interdependence of nature & man over one another is inseparable by the theory of life cycle, consequently man owes a role towards nature so does nature towards man. As Man is the last consumer of everything produced in the world so he depends upon nature to fulfill his needs of food, shelter & clothing. Similarly, man is responsible to return the benefits in the similar sense to the world in order to maintain harmony of resources found naturally, otherwise the world suffers disasters like global warming, extinction of species etc.  For example, plants grow fruits & vegetables not knowing who it benefits but if man does not sow back the seeds of plants he has consumed the species become extinct. Recently, a number of bee’s species are listed as extinct which poses serious threats to pollination. Research shows that bees are the quickest flies that cause pollination multiple times faster than normal flies. There could be several reasons for bee extinction; for example, scientists these days capture bees to produce honey artificially & also slaughter them for medication purposes. If bees become extinct & could not reproduce, the several types of honey with different tastes will also become extinct. Hence, to preserve bees man must look after them for their reproduction or else he will loose a lot of honey & other plants that grow by pollination otherwise man will have to cry for an undefined destiny.

            Generally, one knows necessity is the soul reason of any invention both by nature & man. Hence, nature produces while man discovers & invents things either to solve a problem or to make life convenient. Fire; the first ever discovery of man lead to a dramatic change in the human life. It made mans life convenient. The second best ever invention by man was a tyre by which life has become faster & better. This discovery shortened the distances and saved time. Prior to these discoveries & inventions of man nature used to run slow & steady but since when man has discovered & invented things the life is moving at a faster pace. This sometimes leads one to an understanding that nature is directly proportional to the responsiveness of man & the responsive attitude of man depends on how bad he needs something. As one scientist says, “Necessity is the mother of invention” which means, as motivated a man is towards his needs, the sooner he invents something to satisfy it which leads to the changing of both world & him. Hence, people who do something about what they need they are never left upon undefined destiny.

            It is said, “You do not choose purpose, purpose chooses you.” As described above, mostly man chooses his purpose by deeply looking into his needs & wants & chooses the best possible way to achieve it. But too often one is distracted enough to decide what he must do with life or to answer what is his purpose of life, also what he really needs. A study claims, “Man with a clear purpose is never distracted while a man without purpose can be easily distracted.” The study proposes when a man knows what he is really doing & what he is after no matter whatever hurdles & threats he may face in his life; he will never be distracted, specially if he knows that he is being tested towards achieving his goals. For example, Thomas Edison knew what he was doing & he was certain about the end result. After lightning his bulb he said, “I did not fail 1000 times, I discovered 1000 ways that may lead to failure.” Thomas Edison discovered the appropriate way after trying 1000 ways to achieve the desired goal. Therefore a man who has settled his goal & his purpose of life is not left onto the unseen destiny of life, he certainly can achieve what he wills to achieve & whatever may come before him, he must accepts it & overcome it himself by devising certain strategies that may help him outgrow the challenges.

Rumi rightly says, “Live life as if everything is rigid in your favor.”

Man must view everything that comes before him as a favor to get closer to his destiny. When one understands the true essence of offering himself to whatever is beyond him i.e. in this moment he outgrows the tomorrow.

            Succeeding forward, discovery of ones own self gives man a clear understanding of his strength & weaknesses therefore a man can easily set his goal & can act accordingly. As  life is the most uncertain ride where the only certainties are drivers, passengers & the vehicle, where man are the drivers & passengers while purpose is the vehicle. The road & destination still remain a mystery to some because too often one chooses something & reaches somewhere else. For example, if a man who is a master in painting chooses to play cricket while a man who has skills of playing cricket chooses to paint their life will be upside down.  This happens because either one has not yet discovered his true gift given by nature – his strengths – or he is yet too confused to focus on anyone. An idiom says ,” A jack of all is master of none” so if man desires to be unbeatable master he must self-discover his strengths & must polish them daily, because master of self is slave to none. He who has discovered & mastered himself will not be slave to anyone & anything even if it is unseen destiny. Knowing your strengths & weaknesses gives one an opportunity to understand himself better & act accordingly.

            In a nutshell, man is born with his prescribed destiny as the purpose of living which is selected by nature. He plays a role & is interdependent & inter-related to others. Man can only be beneficial to the nature if he pays back to nature what he consumes for this he requires a deep understanding of himself by discovering his plus points & using them to set his goal. At least three times a day ask yourself what is most important & build the courage to create your life around your answer. In this way man will never have to blame his destiny.

* let man be human.


Myths are a certain type of stories that are made by people to believe into while it is also passed over generations. One such myth has always been that, “A woman is the reflection of her man.” If the statement stands to be true then all man should be black & all women should be white, as black is the color that absorbs every beam of light while white reflects them all. Keeping this in mind that whatever a man absorbs or precisely what a man possesses in himself turns out to be the reflection shown in the woman he aligns or accompanies with. If that is true, then all women must be Godesses. If man are regarded as “Majazi Khuda” in our society.

            Since the advent of the concept about man & woman as separate entities has prevailed. It has become difficult to decide as to whether who is who & what is what. The blame game of both the genders has created a havoc of disharmony in the world. None out of both is willing to admit & give away a certain service demanded by one to the other. Each one is so busy in asking & demanding that the hands of giving are in scarcity while the mouths to ask are in surplus. This situation clearly creates a condition which Gandhi defined as, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” A woman by the myth mentioned above appears to be the reflection of what a man absorbs in his personality. An arabic proverb says, “When a women is loved correctly she becomes ten times the women she was before.” It is near to impossible for a woman to be loved correctly in a surplus of women in the world by the number of 4.2 billion when men are only 3.3 billion.

            It is said, “Ignorance is the key to all success” which means both men & women have to learn the art of ignorance only by which the world will know peace & harmony.

            Sri Chimnoy has rightly said; “Unless & until we have peace deep within us, we can never hope to have peace in the outer world. You & I create the world by the vibrations that we offer to it. If we can invoke peace & then offer it to somebody else, we will see how peace expands from one to two persons & gradually to the world at large. Peace will come about in the world from the perfection of individuals. If you have peace, I have peace, he has peace & she has peace, then automatically universal peace will dawn.”

            World is the balance of woman & man in the world. Without both of them world cannot survive gracefully. Both man & woman should respect their differences & must give breathing space to eachother in order to grow. Both woman & man are reflections of each other, both interchange their places of role performance when necessary hence both must appreciate & admit each other’s importance & grow with the maturity of mutual respect because children are their prism & mirror who follow in their footsteps.

“The woman is the reflection of her man.
If you love her to the point of madness, she will become it.”
– Brad Pitt


“Once there used to live
Pessimist & Optimist
Idealists & Realists
Philosophers & Practitioners
Feminists & Chauvinists together successfully.
Because their love for each other was greater than their love for themselves.”

            Women is a word from which some derive meaning as “Wow of men” or “Woe without men.” It is extremely based on ones own perception about women. Women around the world appear as the reflection of what one desires to see in her. A weak man sees threats whilst a brave man sees strength.

Lisa Kleypas said, ” A well read woman is a dangerous creature.”

            In her view, woman is one the creations of God & their learning is as important as that of another. On the other hand a famous writer Leo Tolstoy feels the need of woman in a society by saying, “Nothing is better for a youngster than the company of old wise woman.” By youngster he means a young learning boy & by wise woman what he really means is a woman with strong character. As one can see character have long been an illusion to guide or rather misguide one from perceiving woman as human based on the fact that she has to deliver a certain discipline of wisdom imposed by OTHERS!

            Women all around the world are expected to deliver a certain code of conduct towards society baffled by the idea i.e. women & only women are responsible for the betterment of society. A society where women are fighting for dignity, respect, recognition, realization, encouragement & understanding of being a human but they are being judged & condemned by men not delivering as desired by the society, yet women are responsible for the betterment of society. If women are responsible for the betterment of society then why are not women encouraged to participate in a society?

A question that has always remained a mystery!

            Subsequently, for the amazement of society women are fighting for their rights – to be appropriate basic human rights as characterized by Maslow – in the society for the society with the society & still women are responsible for the betterment of society.

            History reveals that women have always played significant role in all walks of life side by side men to make this society a successful society. The ecosystem of the earth requires not the men or women but rather the manhood & womanhood which are characteristics of human to make this world a better place. Both man & woman are required to play the role of human yet each human irrespective of gender has the capabilities of both manhood & womanhood.

            Unless man in a society understands the importance of womanhood no society can flourish swiftly & vice versa..!

“Women are the real architects of the society!”